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Marjorie Pezzoli, a Poet, Teaching Artist, and Silk Painter for 25+ years. She loves how imagery inspires her writings. She is a Sea Changes: ACT founding team member, Compassionate Arts San Diego contributor with her silk painting and poetry. The Electric Womb/Crayon/Blender are passion projects that she and Deborah Ramos facilitate.

Her work has been featured in "The Best of Silk Painting" & "The Fine Art of Painting on Silk"
by Diane Tuckman & Jan Janus. Her work has graced the runway for Fashion Show fundraisers. Marjorie has been a proud member of the San Diego Silk Guild since 2010.

Her silks have been in museum shops and boutiques over the years.

Marjorie enjoys teaching adults & children. She obtained an Associate’s Degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and Teaching Artist Certificate from Arts for Learning, San Diego.

During lockdown she was a weekly contributor to The Poet’s Tree weekly series produced by Gill Sotu forThe Old Globe Arts Engagement. Marjorie participated in the live final, at The Old Globe Plaza. The complete series can be found on Youtube. The Poet's Tree Finale -

Her poems have been featured in anthologies, publications, and exhibitions.

2019 - Palabra: Open Mic
2019 to present - SD Poetry Annual 5x

2020 - F* Isolation: Tribute to the COVID-19 Experience
2021 - Tea-Ku, Poems about Tea

2022 to present - San Diego Writers Ink - A Year in Ink Volume 15, 16, 17
2022 - So Say We All VAMP Storyteller Performance
“Can You Stay 10 Minutes Longer?”

2023 -

           The Taste of Sunlight - SolCal Haiku Study Group Anthology 4 Haiku
            The Asahi Haikuist Network 

            Under the Basho Personal Best - Monoku

            Cold Moon Journal - Monoku            Heterodox Haiku, Issue 4: Winter 2023
   August, October, November, December - Silk Painting/Poetry/Prose            Setu Interview: Art & Poetry 
            The Electric Womb Art and Poetry Exhibition, Writers Ink Inspiration Gallery
            July - September, silk painting/poetry
            Haiku Summer Girl - Allyson Whipple Newsletter, 3 Haiku
            Haiku Society of America's Anthology
            Poetry Pea Podcast S6E18, July Journal 1:23
            Heterodox Haiku Journal - Seven Deadly Sins, Issue 3
            Failed Haiku Journal of English Senryu, June Issue 9
            The Pan Haiku Review Inaugural Issue, May
  , May 13th, 29th
  , April 12

Collaborative Works - Split Sequence Haiku with Jerome Berglund
            Lothlorien Poetry Journal Volume 25

            Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, August 20 

Collaborative Works -  Tan-Renga with Christina Chin

            The Taste of Sunlight - SolCal Haiku Study Group Anthology   2       

            Autumn Wind Chapbook Collection by Matthew Defibaugh, November Issue

            Fireflies Light, pages 63-65 October Issue Tan-Renga (Tanka/Photography) 

  , July 7th, August 20, August 28 


            King River Press - Folk-Ku Journal Issue 2, two remembrance haiku
   January, February
            Charlotte Digregorio Writer’s Blog February 14th: Love theme haiku
            The Wombwell Rainbow, January 21, "Steeplechase"
   February 24th

Collaborative Works

          miniMag - February miniSplit Sequence Haiku with Jerome Berglund  

 -Tan-Renga (Tanka/Concrete Poems) with Christina Chin

Marjorie started a weekly a Substack email newsletter, July 2023 

Gumballs are different flavors of haiku, visual poetry, sci-fi short stories, and other quick fun reads to start your week.

Her artwork & observations inspire her writings. Marjorie looks for words that are worth more than a thousand images. Her writings deal with grief, hope, and the wonders of

the Universe.