Seachanges:ACT started in 2011 with a “Call for Artists & Scientists”
​from the San Diego Visual Arts Network. This was a collaborative project  with more than 7 scientists & 7 artists working as a team, plus contributions from a growing worldwide community to promote Ocean Awareness & Stewardship. 

Dedicated to Ocean Advocates,
Alyssa Pezzoli, and children everywhere.

It continues to evolve today…

The "Jellies Forever" Installation
was created for SeaChanges:ACT
by Debb Solan & Marjorie Pezzoli,
aka “the Jellygirls”

The ocean & the beaches have always been ​her playground. Let's protect them.

SeaChanges:ACT Team Members - Artists
Victor Angelo -,
(International painter, sculptor)
Lauren Carrera -,
(Painter, sculptor, installation)
Michelle Kurtis Cole -
(Glass, dance, educator)
Kira Carrillo Corser, Team Leader -,
(National artists and educator known for affecting policy and social change)
Marcia Perry -,,
(Climate painter, co-founder Youth Arts - YACstudios)
Marjorie Pezzoli -,
(Hand painted silks, workshops, glass, dance)
Debb Solan -,
(Mosaic arts, multimedia 3-D works, paintings, glass)

SeaChanges:ACT Team Members - Scientists
Val Cannon -,
(Scientist for NOAA, taught at Birch Aquarium, photographer)
Sam Iacobellis, PhD -,
(Climate change Research Specialist with Scripps)
Tim Lueker, Ph.D. -,
(Climate change scientist, Scripps and mosaic artist and educator)
Dale Sweetnam -,
(Deputy Director of Fisheries, Division of the SW Fisheries Science Center, NOAA)
Deb Wilson Vandenberg -
(Scientist, CA Fish and Game, overseeing new restrictive California fishing regulations,
researcher in fish population changes)
Caitlin B. Whalen -
(Graduate student at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and
sculptor on implications of climate change)
Nathalie Ziberman Ph.D. -
(Postdoctoral Scholar, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Surfer)

"Jellies Forever"
Plastic Pollution Awareness
Art Installation​

An installation of jellyfish 1st created for
the Museum of Monterey in Northern California. Using donated plastic painters tarps, grocery bags and salvaged plastic wrap. by Marjorie Pezzoli & Debb Solan
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the Jellygirls
Visionary Dance Theater 
"Psalms" ​ 2016

Permanent Exhibit - 3/1/2016
Fusionglass Co​mpany

​Permanent Exhibit - 10/2015​

NOAA's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center 
​6/4 -12/28/2014

The Living Coast Center
3/28 - 9/7/2015​​

​​Museum of Monterey 
​3/8 - 5/25/2014

Oceanside Museum of Art
4/12 -8/4/2014

Photo Illustration
by Kira Carrillo Corser